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Rivets & Rockets Video by LBPP


Supa Pirate Booty Hunt crew put on their second annual Rivets & Rockets Art Show. This year the art show featured live music from Raji and LBPP covered the event. Check out the video they made at the event by clicking here.


Rivets & Rockets 2.0 Pics


Rivets & Rockets 2.0 was a smash! Our event was a tribute to technology and Robots in Pop Culture. DJ Thee Dopeshow held down the music entertainment while everyone got to enjoy some amazing Artwork & Multi-Media Audio and Video Projections. Rajh performed live his single “Technology” and also featured a presentation of the the animatic for the animated music video of the song with Dahveed (SPBH co-creator) ! Daniel the Turtle had to get down live with Rajh during his set. The night also featured live body paint by Ghost Images with many people leaving the event transformed into Robots. Below are pics from the event:

Back Camera

LB Creative Mixer


Supa Pirate Booty Hunt creators put on Rivets & Rockets Art show for a second year in a row with friend John Earickson. The event was at the Exhibit [A] Gallery on Aug 27th. The venue and art show also hosted the LB Creative mixer on Aug 30th. Supa Pirate Booty Hunt co-creator & voice of Daniel the Turtle Steve Sievers said: “The LB Creative mixer was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of great artists from the community and show off my Daniel the Turtle artwork while enjoying food, drinks, & great live music. What more could I ask for?” Here are pics from the event:

4 x 6_Postcard.indd

Rivets & Rockets 2.0 this Friday


Our Rivets & Rockets art show is back for a second year in a row, but with a huge upgrade! Rivets & Rockets 2.0 Art Exhbit and Music Event Like last year (see our video from last year), this showcases the work of Mecha Designers, Sculptors, and Fine Artist. This year’s show is a Full Upgrade from last year’s show with an Exciting New Venue and the Expansion into Multi-Media Audio and Video Projections.

The event features Live Performances, Projections from La Photobat and Music by the Dopeshow. The event will celebrate the launch of the new music video from the hit single “Technology” performed by Rajh, Gest & 2Mex, directed and animated by Dahveed!/Smorgasbord Productions.

Just added: LIVE BODY PAINTING- Let the masters at Ghost Images do their magic on you! You say it, they spray it! They can make your wildest dreams manifest before your eyes.

And if you prefer to do some painting yourself, lend us your brush! Help transform Michelle into a techo-glorious robot by the end of the evening.


Rivets Rockets Art Show Review

Rivets & Rockets Art Show Review

Rivets & Rockets Art Show Review

Our Rivets & Rockets Art Show just ended its month run at Coma Alternative Gallery. Thanks to everyone who came and checked out the artwork & our cartoon at the gallery. If you couldn’t make it, well you are in luck! See the sights & sounds of the Rivets & Rockets art show in our latest video (click here to watch it)! The artist get to explain their pieces and look out for silly string! Features Angus Oblong, Queenie, Joe Eibe, Dahveed!, Steve Sievers, Lance Williams and more.

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